Dream About Crow Meaning

Crows are nocturnal and intelligent birds. They are mostly used in the spirit world to perpetrate or carry out the mission of death.

Positive signs: Crow in dream could be alerting you to rise up at midnight and pray against dark powers. Crows in dream may show that someone is planning evil against you. Stand up and scatter their evil network against you through your prayer warfare. It may also be telling you never to give you your fight against the devil. If you are happy or calm, it may indicate protection, deliverance, victory, and overcoming problems.

Negative signs. Seeing a crow in dream represents fear, attack, obstacles, bad news, illness, death, weeping, difficulties, destruction, monitoring spirit. A crow flying may be a warning of an evil conspiracy going on against you. Raven or crow may foretell betrayal, backstabbing, funeral, death of a family member, accident, long term afflictions, conflict , prayerlessness, weakness, blockage, delay etc. It may also show a person is caged or under satanic supervision. Such a person may keep nursing a problem until he give up or die. You need to pray.

Biblical References: Gen 15:11, Gen 8:7, Luke 12:24, Leviticus 11:13-15, Gen 50:20.

Prayer Points

  1. Every bird of darkness assigned against my destiny, fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  2. You evil birds sent to block my breakthrough, backfire, in Jesus name.
  3. Every witchcraft bird flying for my sake, scatter, fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  4. With God on my side, no evil bird shall succeed in their operation against me, in Jesus name.
  5. Angel of God arise and protect me from the mysterious arrows from dark birds, in Jesus name.
  6. I scatter every evil conspiracy set up against me, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every tree in my environment harbouring witchcraft birds, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.