Dream Interpretation – Dream Meanings

Your dreams are a gift

They offer insight into what you truly think and feel, and can help you process events in the real world. Dreams can provide inspiration and a place for your imagination to thrive. They can even help you work through difficult situations and rehearse real-life events in the safety and comfort of your sleep. The symbols and scenarios covered in are a great starting point, but the real magic comes from within. Follow your heart and let your dreams guide you.

A dream is never just a dream

Symbols critical bridge, providing a link between several dream factors.

A symbol is a link between a past memory and a current life event and reveals how the past and present overlap.

Because of its association to a past experience, a symbol is a direct links to your emotions. How the symbol impacts your feelings can color the message and have a major effect on the meaning of the dream.

Because of its link to your memory, a symbol is also a link to your unconscious mind, the hidden part of you that stores forgotten experiences, wishes, goals and even repressed traumas.

Like finding a buried treasure chest, a dream symbol can unearth a wealth of feelings and discoveries about yourself and your past.

As you see how the past has shaped you with the help of a dream symbol, you become freer to choose your future path.